Andrew E. Mathis

So here's what you should know about me, if you came to this page from Google.

For almost two decades, I have been associated with and have worked for organizations that have sought to combat forms of hatred. In particular, for more than a decade, the principal focus of my attentions has been Holocaust denial. This makes me a natural target for neo-Nazis and other associated anti-Semites. I don't apologize, either for my own actions or for the fact that these actions have drawn attacks from some of worst human beings alive. I'm used to it.

I recently became aware that Google searches for my name now return pages by my enemies higher in the results than my own work or even this page. That being said, here's what you should know about the people who have posted these Web pages about me.

The majority of the pages are hosted by two people: Carmelo Lisciotto and Jonathan Andersson. Lisciotto appears to be a computer security expert of some repute. More than sufficient explanation for why Lisciotto has launched prolonged attacks, not only on me but also on several of my friends and colleagues, can be found here.

Andersson is a neo-Nazi located in Sweden. He's also apparently talented in computer programming. At this writing, Mr. Andersson actually appears to be proud of this, since he republished an article about him that ran in a Swedish anti-fascist publication several years ago and even supplied an English translation for those who can't read Swedish. You can read it here.

As for myself, my page is mostly up to date. I don't bother with this home page much anymore.

That's all I intend to say about this issue. Thanks for reading. On to the home page...

Welcome to the Home Page of Andrew E. Mathis.

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Interviews With (Some) Famous People:
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    Little Kings
    Mojo Nixon


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